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In the weeks before the IELTS test you should practise reading every day. Reading should be part of your study plan because, like any other skill, you need plenty of practice to improve.


In this section we will look at a number of strategies to improve your general reading ability, as well as your reading ability for the IELTS test. These strategies include:

  • reading for relaxation and enjoyment
  • reading to gain information
  • reading to build vocabulary
  • reading to increase speed.

Before we look at each of the study strategies listed above, let’s look at some tips for better reading.

Tips for better reading

  • Try to find a comfortable and quiet place to read.
  • Avoid listening to music or the radio while you are reading as this may affect your concentration.
  • Make sure you have enough light while you read. Otherwise your eyes will become tired or you may get a headache.
  • Read something that is suitable for your level of English. Texts that are too difficult will require you to use a dictionary too often.
  • Read during your spare time – for example, on the train, on the bus or while you are waiting at the bank.
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